Find Me - easily find a direction

With the help of device sensors only


The app uses device sensors (no internet connection is needed) to find direction to selected target: accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. Location information is retrieved using a fused location provider. At first magnetic north position (heading) is calculated, then magnetic field at a given point on Earth is estimated and magnetic declination from true north is calculated. And finally, direction to the target object (bearing) is estimated.


No documentation, just intuition


Navigation information just one click away

Only one click and coordinates of the current location are saved on the device. One more click and you are in the navigation screen.


Complex information is provided in simple and convenient way

Target location accuracy, GPS satellites count used in location fixing, distance to the target location, bearing, compass information (heading), speed, time of travel, altitude, coordinates, and address is presented in a compact and very convenient way. Just a glimpse and everything is clear.

Sharing current location is easy

Only with a one touch location information can be sent to a friend by using any device application which can share text messages (SMS, Mail, etc.)



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