e-Road - weather on Lithuania roads

Optimized for getting weather conditions in a quick, convenient way


The National main roads traffic information system was selected as the source of information. This system aggregates data from the road-mounted automatic weather stations. The owner of the data source is the Traffic Information Center (eismoinfo.lt), which is a part of the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The latest weather data is provided several times per hour.


No documentation, just intuition


Favorite roads information just one click away

The app allows you to create a list of frequently used roads. Each time you launch the app, the first thing it opens is favorite roads list. Then only with one click you can select a road and see all weather stations data on that road.

Key notifications on the main screen

If the road temperature is close to zero, there is precipitation, strong wind or low visibility, a stylized icons appear on the first screen of the app, as soon as the data is updated.


Complex information is provided in simple and convenient way

Detailed weather stations information is provided in the cards, from the beginning to the end of the road. The warning sign and the red text points out a bad weather conditions and the road grip coefficient is presented in the gauge which visually reminds a car speedometer.

Share weather information is easy

Only with a one touch weather information can be sent to a friend by using any device application which can share pictures (Facebook, Gmail, etc.).


e-Road app is available also on Android TVs



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